Skytrain Vancouver Mark I train

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The initial fleet consisted of 12-m (40-ft) lightweight Mark I ICTS cars from Urban Transportation Development Corporation, similar to those used by Toronto's Scarborough RT and the Detroit People Mover.Mark I vehicles are composed of mated pairs and normally run as four-car trains, but can be run in two-, four-, or six-car configurations. The maximum based on station platform lengths is a six-car configuration, totaling 72 m. The SkyTrain fleet currently includes 150 Mark I trains.These trains have side-facing seats; red, white, and blue interiors; and two doors per car.

Each Mark I car has 36 seats and a capacity of 80 passengers.Mark I trains have spaces dedicated for wheelchair users, bicycles, and strollers.

The Mark I ICTS cars which arrived between 1984 and 1986 for the opening of the Expo line in 1985 each featured two end-doors, one at the front and back of each car. The back side of each car had sections painted in black. These trains were different from the test train couple used during the ICTS testing in 1983. There are a total of 150 Mark I cars: 114 dating from 1984–1986, which have run an average of more than 3.2 million km apiece; 16 added in 1991 for the Scott Road extension; and 20 added in 1994 for the King George extension


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