Hyundai Rotem Skytrain Vancouver

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Canada Line train fleet

Canada Line trains are even wider than Mark II trains, with spaces assigned for bicycles and luggage.The Canada Line uses a separate fleet of trains, which are powered by conventional electric motors instead of Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology, and are therefore incompatible with both Expo and Millennium Lines. There are a total of 20 trains, which were built by Hyundai Rotem in Korea, operate as two-carriage articulated units, and can reach a speed of 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph) in normal operations, or 90 kilometres per hour (56 mph) in catch-up mode.They are maintained at a yard next to Bridgeport Station in Richmond.

Canada Line cars are 3 m in width and 20 m in length, both wider and longer than the Mark I and Mark II trains. Each two-car train has seating for 88 and a normal capacity of 334 passengers at 4 passengers/m², with crush load capacity of 400. Therefore a two-car Canada Line train has more capacity than a four-car Mark I train. Canada Line trains feature large, dedicated spaces for wheelchair users, bicycles, and strollers, and sufficient space between seats for luggage. The new trains have large LED displays on both ends of the train, displaying the next station and the terminus station, or system announcements.

Unlike Mark II trains, Canada Line trains will not be operated as longer four- or six-car trains. Each Canada Line train can be expanded to three cars by inserting a middle car at the articulated joint between the two end cars. With the addition of the third car, each Canada Line train will have a capacity similar to a four-car Mark II train or a six-car Mark I train. The Canada Line's station platforms are expandable to 50 m in length to accommodate these future three-car trains; the five busiest stations are already 50 m in length. Beyond this, capacity increases will require adding more trains, rather than increasing the length of each train. The capacity of the line can be increased by 50 per cent through an increase in frequency and another 50 per cent through the use of three-car trains. The Canada Line has a designed future capacity of 15,000 pphpd when operating three-car trains at 120-second headways, which is nearly three times its current capacity.


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