Hong Kong Peak tram

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The Peak Tramway (traditional Chinese: 山頂纜車) is a funicular railway in Hong Kong, which carries both tourists and residents to the upper levels of Hong Kong Island. Running from Central district to Victoria Peak via the Mid-Levels, it provides the most direct route and offers good views over the harbour and skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

The Peak Tram is owned and operated by the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels group (HSH), the owner of Hong Kong's famous Peninsula Hotel along with many other properties. The line, along with HSH's Peak Tower leisure complex at the line's summit, is promoted using the brand The Peak.

The Tramways operated on the principle of two coaches moving in opposite directions balancing each other; at the same time they were aided by a motor driven cable. Except for the middle section, where the two coaches pass each other in a dual-track configuration, there is a single track for most of the length of the tramway.

The line has the following technical parameters:[5]

* Length: 1364 metres
* Height: 368 metres
* Maximum Steepness: 48%
* Track Gradient: 4 ~ 27 degrees
* Cars: 2 2-car train sets
* Capacity: 120 passengers per train set
* Configuration: Single track with passing loop
* Journey time: 4.9 minutes
* Maximum speed: 6 metres per second
* Track gauge: 4'11.85" foot (1520 mm)
* Traction: Electricity


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