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The KL Monorail system consists of a single dual-way line that serves a total of 11 stations located along the southeast and northeast regions of Kuala Lumpur that had previously receive insufficient access to rail transport, namely Brickfields, Bukit Bintang, Bukit Nanas, Chow Kit and Titiwangsa. Only the line's two terminus stations run along a single track. Of the 11 stations, 4 are designated as "integrated stations" that are used as interchanges to and from the Ampang Line, Kelana Jaya Line or other transit services provided at Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

The stations themselves are largely designed in the same fashion, as elevated structures with a ticketing facilities on either the ground level (as seen in the KL Sentral station), or the first level. The platforms are located on the top floor, separated from the monorail lines with fencing and covered with a large cream canvas roof. Certain stations are situated above roadways, or are slightly longer than others. Each station is also designated with a sponsor, with route maps associating each station with a particular company.

The line's train depot is located between the KL Sentral and Tun Sambanthan stations.

The system utilises permanently coupled 2-car trains with similar styling and designs as the Seattle Center Monorail's ALWEG trains. The KL Monorail trains are capable of accommodating 158 passengers each during regular operations. The monorail carriages themselves were constructed by MTrans, a Malaysian monorail manufacturer, at the MTrans plant in Rawang, which also featured its own tracks for monorail train tests.


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