Sleeper train from Krakow entering Budapest

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Category:Electric Locomotives - Passenger Trains - Wagons and Coaches    Manufacturer:Skoda    Country:Hungary    Year:2008 Contributor:Peter Langsdale


Photographed on 14 August 2008 after a 14-hour journey across Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, much of at night, of course.
Note the rich variety of coaches, which were added to the train at various places along the way, necessitating much shunting outside darkened stations. The locomotive is I think a Slovakian Class 363.
Dual Voltage locomotive of class 363 are capable of running on 25,000 volts AC or 3000 volt DC .
The production batch of these were built by Å koda from 1984 to 1990. These Bo-Bo locomotives are rated at 3,060 kW (4,102 hp) on AC and 3,480 kW (4,665 hp) on DC and have a top speed of 120 km/h (74 mph).
My friend Colin and I were in a sleeping cabin in the last coach, and found when we reached the station in Budapest that we had to get down on to the tracks, complete with all our luggage, as the train was too long for the platform! Apparently we could not pass forward through the train, probably because the gangway at the end of our carriage was not connected! Altogether an epic journey - more photos of locomotives we passed will be put on the web site later.


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