Lady Nan

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20/6/2018 Cranmore on the East Somerset Railway, UK

1719 was built by Andrew Barclay & Sons Co.Ltd. in 1920.
1719 has had an array of names including 'Hurlford Fireclay Works No. 2' and 'Glenfield No. 2'.
By early 1966 the 1719 was offered for sale but was not sold until march 1972 to a local scrap merchant and later that month she was resold just before scrapping was to commence.
1719 was moved for storage purposes to the National Coal Board in Northumberland on 14th April 1972, then on the 6th May 1973 she was moved to Radstock for a further period of storage, until 5th November 1975 when she moved to the East Somerset Railway.
1719 was still known as 'Glenfield No.2' when a complete overhaul began in 1978 and in 1984 she was purchased by Nan and Dick Bellchambers. Shortly after the purchase the overhaul was completed she emerged in 1985 in blue livery and was renamed 'Lady Nan'.
'Lady Nan' was hired to the National Railway Museum at York but she returned to the East Somerset Railway during 2000.
In March 2005, a second overhaul of 'Lady Nan' was started and she was returned to service in 2007 and now proudly runs the Driver for a Tenner!


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