ACTS 5812

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Category:Diesel Locomotives    Manufacturer:Doncaster Works     Country:The Netherlands    Year:2007 Contributor:Menno v/d Veen


ACTS Cargotrain 60262 from Amsterdam to Leeuwarden.

The British Rail Class 58 is a class of Co-Co diesel locomotive designed for heavy freight. Introduced in 1982, they followed American practice of modularisation. From new they were painted in grey Railfreight Sector livery, instead of BR blue. EWS withdrew them in 2002 after 20 years in service, though 30 were subsequently hired abroad - 3 to the Netherlands, 8 to Spain, and 19 to France.

n 2000, it was announced by EWS that five Class 58s were going to be sent to the Netherlands on hire to Dutch container train operator ACTS. Since then, some members of the Class 58s fleet have also been sent to Spain (on hire to Spanish infrastructure operator GIF) and more recently, a large number of Class 58s (alongside Class 56s) operated in France for Fertis, TSO and Seco. With the lack of orders for export designs of the locomotives at their construction stage, it now seems ironic that these locomotives have been sent abroad to work.

As of May 2007, all of the locomotives from the French contract have been returned to the UK and placed back into storage. The Dutch and Spanish contracts remain active at this time.


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