Trams 1622 & 345 & 45 in the Crich Depot

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Category:Light Rails and Trams    Country:England    Year:2015 Group:Crich National Tramway Museum, England    Contributor:Peter Langsdale


Photographed at the Crich National Tramway Museum on 13 April 2015.
London Transport no. 1622 is one of the LCC E/1 class, of which there were more than a thousand, making this the largest class of trams in the capital. They were inherited in modernised form by London Transport when it was formed in 1933.
This one was sold as a holiday home after the war, thus evading the scrapman. After being rescued it was thoroughly rebuilt and given a new upper deck to the original drawings. The bogies came from a scrapped tram, and the renovation was completed in 1999. A total of nine of this type of tram have been retrieved or restored. See also picture 17768.
Leeds no. 345 entered service in 1922 as a traditional open-balcony tram but was later modernised, being known as a “Convert” when the front windows were allowed a view by moving the route number and destination indicators. This one was withdrawn in 1948, but converted into a joiners’ shop at the Kirkstall Road Works and then in the Swinegate depot. It came to Crich in December 1959. See also picture 17874.
Southampton no. 45. For details see picture 23818.


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