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Category:Light Rails and Trams    Manufacturer:Bombardier-Adtranz    Country:The Netherlands    Year:2006 Contributor:Marcel Sloover


The RijnGouweLijn or RGL is a light rail project in South-West Holland, Netherlands.

It will be the first system in the Netherlands where light rail vehicles will partly use heavy rail tracks, sharing these tracks with heavy rail trains, like the tram-train systems around Karlsruhe and Saarbrücken, Germany,

This shared track is from Gouda through Alphen aan den Rijn to Leiden. The existing heavy rail track will be adapted and there will be seven additional stops.

For Leiden it will probably be on new track through the center at street level (alternatives that have been proposed were around the center on existing track, or in a tunnel through the center).

It will pass through Leiden Centraal railway station and then proceed on new track to Katwijk with a branch to Noordwijk.

The light-rail vehicles used are of type A32, produced by Bombardier-Adtranz in Vienna.

To start with they are used in the regular railway service between Gouda and Alphen aan den Rijn. The stations have been adapted: new low level platforms have been added either as extensions to existing high level platforms or by building them on the opposite side of the track to the high level platforms.

A disadvantage of the new vehicles, compared with trains, is that they have no toilet. There is also no first class accommodation. An advantage is that they offer a forward view through a window behind the driver's cab.


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