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25/4/2015 Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, Derbyshire, UK
From the Railway's website - thanks guys
The Steelman class of locomotive was designed originally to replace steam locomotives within the quarry industry. However, only five were ever built due to British Rail selling off the Class 14 locos to industry, thereby destroying the Steelmans intended market. 10275\'s first home along with three other Steelman locos was at Corby Quarry (Northamptonshire) which was owned by Stewarts and Lloyds Minerals Ltd. It eventually came to be the works shunter at Bombardier‟s Wakefield plant before moving to their Derby site.

Although this locomotive has 6 wheels it should not be referred to as a 0-6-0 because it does not have side rods. The correct term for it wheel arrangement is 6wDH, as it has cardan shafts driving each axle. The loco has a naturally aspirated Rolls-Royce DV8N V8, 445 horse power diesel engine, and has a hydraulic transmission. It is fitted with train brakes, suitable for hauling air braked stock.

The name L J Breeze comes from a former Rolls-Royce and Thomas Hill employee Les Breeze. He started work at Sentinel Shrewsbury. There he was test house engineer and then a Commissioning Engineer for Sentinel diesels. He went over to Thomas Hill when loco production transferred to Kilnhurst in 1971. There he continued as Commissioning Engineer, delivering and driver training on new deliveries throughout the UK, and in between writing the technical manuals. He was very knowledgeable about the locos and this led him to being a sort of guru type figure within the company.
Many thanks go to Bombardier Transportation for this generous donation.


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