Colorado & Southern rotary snow plough 99201

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Needing a locomotive to push it, this snow plough was photographed at the Colorado Railroad Museum near Golden, Colorado, on 22 September 2014. It operated from 1903 to 1965, with a built-in steam engine to spin the blades and throw the snow high and far to the sides of the track. Boiler pressure: 180 psi, cylinders: 17 x 24 in. Rotary wheel diameter: 10 feet across the blades.
This plough was built to the order of the Colorado & Southern Railway in 1899 by Cooke as no. 03, and delivered in February 1900. As it was mounted on a standard gauge chassis, the wheels were pressed down to 3 foot gauge in Denver for use on the South Park line. However it turned out to be too heavy and too large for the Alpine Tunnel, so was not used.
In 1903 it was refitted to standard gauge and sent to Cheyenne for work on the C&S northern division. In 1912 it was renumbered to 99201 and saw extensive use. It was returned to 3 foot gauge in 1935 after repair and sent to Leadville, going back to standard gauge again after the narrow gauge Leadville line was closed down. It had an extensive rebuild at Cheyenne including a replacement boiler from scrapped 0-6-0 locomotive no. 232 and went back to Leadville in 1951 to replace no. 99200. Its last run was in 1965 in front of SD9 diesel no.828. It was donated by the C&S to the Museum in 1972.


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