Baldwin 0-4-2T 13318 M&PPRy No. 1

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Category:Steam Locomotives    Manufacturer:Baldwin Locomotive Works    Country:United States of America    Year:2014 Contributor:Peter Langsdale


Standard gauge steam Abt rack system cog locomotive photographed on 22 September 2014 in the Colorado Railroad Museum near Golden, Colorado. Built in March 1893 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works at Philadelphia. Also on the data plate is Burnham Williams & Co which between 1891 and 1909 was actually one of the many names for the Baldwin Locomotive Works after its founder Matthias Baldwin had died, and the works number 13318.
Pike’s Peak rises to 14,110 feet and is situated a few miles west of Colorado Springs. In 1888 Zalmon G. Simmons and others built a railroad up the mountain, the Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railway. Since the average grade was 16 per cent, and the maximum 25 per cent, the Abt rack system was employed, and the 3 initial steam locomotives ordered from Baldwin had sloping boilers, as seen here.
This is the original no. 1, which was named ‘John Hulbert’ and rebuilt, as were the other two, as a Vauclain compound (as originally built they delivered insufficient power). This means they were equipped with four cylinders in new frames, and running gear, with the drive wheels inside the frames. The steam was thus used twice, first at high pressure in small 10 inch diameter cylinders, and then again in larger 15 inch cylinders mounted above the high pressure ones, both with a stroke of 22 inches. The driving wheels are 22.4 inches and the engine weight 52,680 lbs. No.1 was retired in 1941, as diesel power came into use on the railway in 1938.


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