SECR Wainwright Class C 0-6-0 592/31592

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Photographed in Sheffield Park shed yard on the Bluebell Railway on 26 July 2014. Built at Longhedge Works as one of 109, all but 3 of which were taken into BR stock in 1948. The nine C Class locomotives were the last to be built at Longhedge, and no. 592 was the first of these, believed to have been completed in December 1901 and handed over to the Running Department in February 1902. Painted in Lined green, its first allocation was to Longhedge shed itself.
From the spring of 1916 Class C locomotives were in unlined grey, but after the Grouping in 1923 they were black, with a narrow single lining in green. The number was prefixed with A (for Ashford). From 1938 these, the standard goods engines on what was now the Southern Railway, bore shaded sans-serif capital letters and numerals, with the number on the side of the cab and ‘Southern’ on the tender.
In late 1945 no. 1592 as it had become, went to Ramsgate shed and stayed there during BR days until 1959, as later 31592. Loaned to Departmental stock in June 1962, a snowplough was soon fitted, and together with 31271 the pair ploughed snow all over Kent that winter. All three remaining C Class locomotives were withdrawn on 8 September 1963and went into Ashford Works yard, still in steam.
31592 was almost immediately renumbered as DS239and used for shunting the yard. Its fire was dropped for the last time in BR service on 8 October 1966, and it was sold that December for £1,420. It arrived at the Bluebell Railway on 17 August 1970.
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