TGOJ Ma 403 electric freight locomotive

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TGOJ Ma Class electric freight locomotive photographed on 2 February 2014 at Trollhättan station, north of Gothenburg. See also picture 3168 and picture 3362.
All these locomotives have been withdrawn from commercial service, but in this case Ma 403 was hurriedly co-opted at the rear to help with a charter train from Gothenburg to Kornsjö at the Norwegian border. The steam locomotive originally intended to be at this end of the train failed.
Notable for this member of the Ma class are the large side windows. The locomotive was built by ASEA in 1954 and delivers 3,960 kW through a Co-Co wheel arrangement.
Trollhättan was the first stop after leaving Gothenburg, and I was surprised at the number of railway enthusiasts who boarded here, I would guess that there were just as many as the hundred or so who got on at Gothenburg.
During the 180 km journey to the Norwegian border it was fairly obvious when this locomotive was assisting the steam engine at the front of the train! The coaches we travelled in were also veterans, but comfortable and warm. The rake at this end of the train included a fully-functioning kitchen and restaurant cars, so hot meals were available from mid-day onwards.
Trollhättan is the town where Saab builds their cars, although the company has been in financial trouble for some time now.


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