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Category:Diesel Locomotives    Manufacturer:Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn    Country:England    Year:2011 Contributor:Peter Langsdale


Photographed on 15 March 2011 in the locomotive shed at the Nene Valley Railway, Wansford.
The wheel arrangement is 1Co-Co1, and this is one of a batch of 20 Class 40 locomotives built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn-Darlington (E2726/RSH8136) in 1960.
Engine: English Electric 16SVT Mk 11 (2000 h.p.@ 850 r.p.m.) Tractive Effort: 52000lbs.
Transmission: 6 English Electric EE526/5D traction motors.
D306 spent most of her life shedded in the London Midland Region being initially allocated to Crewe for the running-in, followed by Liverpool Edge Hill, Crewe, Willesden, Crewe then London Midland Western Lines. In the early 1970s BR introduced the TOPS computer system. The English Electric type 4 became class 40 and therefore D306 was renumbered 40106, although, whilst the BR fleet was being painted in corporate blue, 40106 remained green.
In this livery 40106 became most popular for rail-tour duties and was allocated to Manchester Longsight depot. Withdrawn in 1983 due being vacuum braked only, it was purchased by the present owner in the spring of 1984 and moved to the Great Central Railway. On the 11th August, 1984 the loco was named by Cunard "Atlantic Conveyor" in rememberance of the container ship of the same name that was sunk in the Falklands campaign.
In 1990, D306 was moved by road to Wansford and immediately entered service on the NVR. Since arriving D306 has been able to visit British Rail Open Day events at various locations.
In 1988 during a repaint to original 1960 condition, D306 was renumbered D326 and given split head code boxes to star in the film "Buster", the story of the Great Train Robbery.
On Tuesday 8th June 2004, D306 was used in the filming of an Episode of "Days that shook the World" for BBC Glasgow. The episode was about the Great Train Robbery.


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